Pat Haden wants you to cancel DirecTV and switch to the worst cable company on the planet

Pat Haden videoUsing his new favorite communications medium, online video, USC athletic director Pat Haden advised Trojan Nation on Tuesday to take a tip from Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott and cancel your DirecTV subscription. (You can see the video by clicking on the L.A. Daily News link. I had trouble getting it to play.)

“I switched from DirecTV to Time Warner Cable and I’m incredibly happy,” Haden said.

The second largest pay TV service in America, DirecTV has yet to sign a deal to carry the Pac-12 Network. Refusing to take the low-ball deal the satellite company is offering them, Pac-12 officials have declared war, urging conference fanbases to cancel their DirecTV subscriptions.

With DirecTV adding 21,000 subscribers in the first quarter of this year at a time when most pay TV operators are in recession, you wonder how seriously that threat will be taken.

And you also have to question Haden’s credibility, given the simply awful reputation Time Warner Cable has among consumers. In fact, the advocacy group The Consumerist routinely features the company — infamous for its frequent service disruptions and inadequate customer service — in its “Worst Company in America” tournament bracket.

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