Jeanie Buss: ‘I want my brother to realize that I’m not the enemy’

Jimmy  and Jeanie BussSix weeks after telling ESPN columnist Ramona Shelburne that she has a “great relationship with her brothers,” Lakers marketing chief Jeanie Buss slipped the reporter a memoir that completely contradicts that statement.

According to Shelburne, in her soon-to-be-published memoir, Jeanie describes feeling “betrayed” about brother Jimmy’s decision to hire Mike D’Antoni last November over her fiance, Phil Jackson. Consistent enough — she’s said all along she’s been unhappy with the way that went down.

The ah-ha: Jeanie Buss writes, “I want my brother to realize that I’m not the enemy,” which pretty much undermines all the recent Buss family spin that they are in fact a cohesive group learning to work together following the February death of patriarch Jerry Buss.

The mercurial Jimmy Buss continues to be the most compelling sports story in Los Angeles. But the city’s sports media continues to lack a reporter who can get reasonably close to it without getting cowed.

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